Using /CreateCtx to recover DAT backups

I would like to know more about the command-line (cmd) /CreateCtx of the ct3 command line (DOS) option.

Specifically, I tried to create a ctx from CT backup files (those in .DAT, .TXT, .XML and .WAY format in the backup folder). After putting those 4 files into a c:\temp\CTX folder and running

ct3 /CreateCtx C:\temp\CTX test.ctx

I get the following mesage : “Failed to read from C:\temp\CTX” and I wonder what sort of files it is expecting if not the .DAT etc.

Thanks for your help,

CTX files are CAB files, so you can rename them and look at them in Windows Explorer.

Sadly creating a CAB is a bit annoying and not many tools seem to do it.

If you find one that works well, let us know…

In the meantime, I have sent you a CTX.

Thanks Justin for the help - I just figured out how to create a CAB file from the backup files (DAT, XML, TXT etc) using the makecab DOS command. I renamed each backup filename according to the standard filenames in a ctx file, changed the CAB extension to ctx and voilà! it imported just fine in CT.

That’s what I did as well. Note that I checked the queue on the backend and it looks like the data was retrieved by the client properly. So my guess is the data is in your Documents\CyberTracker\System\Backup, Staging or Orphan folders.


Hi there,

I would like to create a CAB file from my backup files as well. Would you be willing to share the steps and/or script you used? Any help would be much appreciated.


I used Iexpress to create a CAB file but when I convert it to CTX it says there is no data.

My conundrum is that there are a number of observations that were collected on a tablet and did not show up when we downloaded to the desktop (also not in backup, staging, orphans). BUT, when I opened the DAT file from the tablet backup I could see the notes from the missing observations (highlighted) so they were saved and are in there in some capacity but did not download. Is there a way to recover that data so it is usable??


Hi - My limited understanding is that the filenames of the CAB components need to match those of a normal CTX. If you use other names cybertracker will probably find no data.
Try the following names (based on your file extensions):


The Sightings.dat is the file that you showed in your screenshot. Waypoints.dat seems to be the timer points (e.g. 1 each 30 seconds) - I guess you will not have that waypoints file if your app is not set to collect timer points.

Once filenames are changed, group them into a CAB (using the makecab command in a DOS command prompt window or powershell). Then change .CAB into .CTX and import.

Good luck!

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!