User identification in data records

Hi I am using the latest version of the CT app on Android and the CT software for Windows on my laptop. I have saved my name in the “collect as” box in the settings in my CT app. It would be really useful to shows this user identification for each data record collected and uploaded. How do I do this? I have found a system element called “User ID” but this is blank for the records I have collected using my phone. Thanks

In Report->Edit View->Add->System is an entry called “User” (see attachement). Is this what you have added? Than I’m wondering that is empty. In all of my cases there is an value, alo by using of simulation on PC.
The other possibility is a screen which asked for your name (list box or text edit control). Than all of your sightings will have the name.


Thanks Holger. Yes, I found that ‘User’ field but it is just empty despite me saving my name in the “collect as” box in the app. As you say, a mystery. My app is updating now so maybe that will resolve it. I know I can add a screen to allow users to add their name manually: I was trying to make the project easier than that! I will continue to experiment.

We would also like to know. Using two devices each with a unique User name but fields are empty when downloading data… :confused:

ok, I see, as mentioned above … the Edit View → Add → System → User field is not more available for the functionality to differ one user from each other. My fault. In my old classic project until around 2020 or earlier it could be used for identification. Now it is filled with constant content, “CyberTracker Cassic”. The element “Device ID” is in difference to this a unique ID for each device, but “cryptic” long number.

If you have a screen with User Name entry and every user edit his/ her unique name into, it should work. This is my common implementation.

Another point is to use the Settings on Device. Here is a parameter “Collect as …” and every user can set his own name there. The text says that every sighting of every project will contain this name, but I cannot find this field in Reports. May be this is an error?


Hi guys,

The way I do it is to add an “Add user name” Action onto the first screen. Then all data comes back with the “Collect as” value filled in there.

We could look into making it prompt the user to specify the “Collect as”…


Justin, this “We could look into making it prompt the user to specify the “Collect as”…” would be a good idea. PS: I was not so familiar with this new feature, because in all my projects I have a separate user name screen. So I forgot that we have to add this “Add user name control”. Sorry.

Hi Justin,

I’m a little lost, I think I misread the question so maybe my question that I am about to ask should be in a different thread/topic, but in our application we have a recorder screen where the user has the option to select their name from a list i.e. “Joe Bloggs” and so on, but we use two CAT smartphones within our team and any recorder can use both for our monitoring programmes.

We were wishing to have a column in our Report that informs us what smartphone device they were using e.g. CAT01 or CAT02 devices but without us having to input that data each time we load the application? Is this possible? I currently have Device ID but it gives a horrible long string sequence of numerical digits and alphabetical letters.


We do not have a way to assign friendly names to each device. You can make it so that you only have to enter the device name once. Since you only have two devices, perhaps that’s okay?

Trying to avoid the number of screens and looking more of background option, but if that is the only option we will roll with it. Cheers Justin