Upload failed message

I am using a new phone, a Honor 90 Lite (Android), with MS SwiftKey as keyboard. All my projects work 100% correct on the simulator as well as on my old Android phone.
On the new phone the projects work correctly, allowing me to add the data as necessary. However, when I am finished and try to upload the data to my online databasis, I only get the message “Upload failed”. No data is uploaded to the databasis.

Hi Johan,

To confirm, this is with Online and not Classic, correct?

This might be an intermittent problem, i.e. perhaps the server was down. Are you still seeing it?


Hi Justin

Yes, it is with Online.

Don’t think it is intermittent. I am using my old phone the same time and it is uploading the data. The same with the simulator - no problems. And the new phone still does not upload.

I suspect it has to do with some setting in the new phone. But I don’t know yet where to look. Will appreciate if one of you can point me in the right direction.


Not sure. Can you access the internet on your new phone?

Yes, no problem accessing the internet with the new phone.

There is an option off the settings page called “Upload requires WiFi”. Any chance that got checked somehow?

If not, please send me a bug report (at the bottom of the settings page).