Troubleshooting with one field in database

Dear CyberTracker team,
Thanks very much for your brilliant software, we now use it all the time on our surveys for seabirds and cetaceans.
I’m just having an issue with one of the databases, where the info entered in a Note-style subscreen/element doesn’t save properly (it’s a screen called ‘Crew’ to type in the names of the crew for a particular survey). I can see the info displayed in the Inspector bar in the Report, but it does not show up in the actual Report, so I cannot export it to Excel. I have the output set as ‘Value’, same as for my other Note-style elements, but it doesn’t work for this particular one. For some reason, this element also has 2 categories and so appears twice in the same entry - I imagine this is related to the same problem? Any ideas of what could be the issue?
Some screenshots attached to show what I mean. I’m happy to send the database too if that helps.
Many thanks in advance for any help and for your time!
Very best wishes,
Marta Guerra

cybertracker troubleshoot.pdf (780 KB)

Try changing the output to Name instead of Value, the reason it appears twice is because Crew was the selection on the home screen and Crew is the result element for the Crew screen.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I did try Name instead (and a few of the other options) but still no luck. Any other ideas?
Re appearing twice, that’s also the case for many other screens/elements, but they don’t seem to have this issue.
Thanks again,

Wouldt it possible to send the project via DropBox or similar and I can look into?

CyberTracker Deutschland

Hi Holger
Thank you, I have sent it over via WeTransfer to the email address Please let me know if you haven’t received the download link and I can re-send it.
Thanks again for your help.
Best wishes,

I’ve sendet you an email. Do you agree with my idea?

Hint: If you see more than one element with same name in Reports-Inspector , than table in the Query will only show the 1st. Try to rename the double names in application by renaming screen names or result element and it will work.