CyberTracker Online updates released - Photo and Audio views

Hi all

We have released an update of CyberTracker Online, with new Photo and Audio views.

In the view data section, instead of just map and (observation) table views, there is now a dropdown where you can switch between the following views:

  • Map view - as it was - map with dots for each observation matching your current filters
  • Observation table - the old “Table” view - as it was, table with one row for each observation record.
  • Photo table - new - one record for each photo, with a thumbnail. Note that there can be multiple photos from one observation record. All filters are still obeyed, so you will be viewing photos from within your date range, and from observations matching any selected observation filters. Right-click on the thumbnail and “Open in new tab” to view the image at the original size. You can download the image by clicking on the filename link.
  • Audio table - new - one record for each audio file


Kind regards, Kate