Bulk Photo Download in Online

I wanted to know if there is a way to download photos in bulk from CyberTracker Online?

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Just posting this here, as I’ve received the same query via email from two users in the last week - this way people can all see the answer here.

Don’t be shy to post!

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CyberTracker Online does not have a bulk download function for images (post a request in the Feature Requests section!), but we do have a new view in the view data section that just lists all images (with thumbnails), from which it would be easier to download (they are at least then grouped together for you).

There is a similar view listing all audio files.

This has not yet been released, but should be released during this week.

Kind regards, Kate

Thank you Kate.
The viewing list does make it easy. Thanks.

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Hi @Thandeka_Skosana, the Photo view has been released.

See also CyberTracker Online updates released - Photo and Audio views

Kind regards, Kate