What are the DEF and zip files required for Webinstall

Hi Justin

I am struggling with the steps in Webinstall and cannot find guidance about this anywhere. Can you clarify the two main things you wrote earlier?

Firstly, you wrote “Webinstall does not support authentication – it expects the DEF and ZIP file to be available via URL, i.e. as long as you have a URL that works in the browser (without authentication), it should work for WebInstall”.

I have four questions about this

Hi Eren,

The DEF file is generated by the CyberTracker desktop application. There is a tutorial video here: Web Update - CyberTrackerWiki. Essentially this is a small definition file which tells CyberTracker where to get the ZIP and also the version number. This helps make update checks very fast.

The ZIP file contains the exported application itself – this is what would normally be copied to the device if you installed from the desktop.

What you need to enter on the device is a link to the DEF file you created. It should just look like a regular URL, e.g. http://www.something.com/CTApp.DEF. You can also shorten the link using a service like bitly. That may make it easier to type in.

Once your users have installed CyberTracker, you can send them a specially formatted link to the DEF file in email. When the user clicks that link Android will ask you how you want to open it and it will present CyberTracker as one of the options. I’ll type up a description if you end up needing to do this.