website dates


I just went through most of the CyberTracker website, and I couldn’t find anything dated later than the website copyright, 2013. I suppose the software is still active going by posts on the support group. So I guess I’m wondering why the website appears to be so outdated as far as anything associated with a date. I understand the current date is displayed at the top left of every page, but that could easily be some programming feature that means nothing.

Thank you!

Because you have found this group, you can see that was updated marginal by showing the new link :wink: The part of software development is hosted here Please visit this page for updates, documentations, examples and hints.

Holger. Germany

Hi all,

I do agree that a few additional pages of documentation would avoid many recurring support requests.

The programming instructions are well documented, and this was for sure the priority. But it would be very useful to get more information on the software interface (all menu options), configuration, application properties, files recovery, transfer process, description of files generated on the mobile device, etc.