webinstall is not working from the playstore based app


Webinstall is working perfectly when using it from the app installed via desktop. However, I tried to install the new app available from the android Playstore, but the webinstall is not working and a popup message saying “file not found” came up. I’ve already double checked using the same address to webinstall from both apps.

Interestingly, after I webinstalled it via desktop installed app, I was able to add it the Playstore app using the tool “Install from desktop”.

To have cybertracker in the Playstore is a great move forward which I would like to take advantage from.


For Webinstall please look here http://cybertrackerwiki.org/index.php?title=New_features 1st. May be you’ll find the problem. If not, please reply.
Cheers Holger

Hello, can you please explain step by step what you are doing and in which step tehre will be a problem?

I do not understand what’s happened, Sorry :wink: