web update and google drive

I have a question: I am trying to use the web update option by entering the link of a google drive folder as “DEF file url” and “ZIP file URL”. The android app returns the following error message, when I click on “install”: “wrong definition format”.
Is it possible to use google drive with the web update option or not? Thanks

Google drive is a special case and does not give us direct access to a DEF and ZIP file. Essentially you need to be able to directly point to a def/zip file with a URL. You can do this with an Azure account or even a GitHub account.



Thanks for your reply! I created this repository on github https://github.com/giuenrico93/CyB , but I have the same problem as before. Could you please tell me which link I should use?

I am deploying forms using web install with GitHub and had exactly the same problem with Google drive.

I am using android mobile devices with cybertracker and I am not familiar with IOS version.

In your github repository, you need to create a release. Inside the release, upload the def and the zip file. After uploading, get the link of the def file. You will copy this link to address field in the cybertracker app as how the video in the link below instructs.


Make sure to update to the latest cybertracker version.



We are using google drive for web update for a long time and it is working fine. All you need to do is change the link you get from google drive to a direct link:

If the link you get from google drive is

You should modify it to the follow format, and copy to cybertracker:


Then we use bitly to get a short version of the def file to be easier for users install an app, eg.:


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A segunda, 22/03/2021, 04:49, Enrico Giudice <giuenrico@gmail.com> escreveu:

I think I can help… the URL for the DEF file should have the full path for the ZIP file, it only has the directory, without the file name, at the moment.

When you enter the DEF and ZIP file URLs in CyberTracker, you should include the file names at the end of the URL. I have not used github for this, but I think the URLs you should use are as follows (these are the URLs I get when I click on your files in github):



Thank you Nuno for your reply. I tried to edit the links as you described, but I had the same problem. Maybe I put the wrong links in the wrong place.
Could you please tell me which links I should put in the “DEF file url” and “ZIP file URL” on the cybertracker software on the PC? The link to the folder where these two files are located or the link to the direct download of each of the two files? And on the cybertracker app should I put the link to the direct download of the DEF file?


Thank you Raffy for your reply, I will try to do it. Could you tell me which links I should put in the “DEF file url” and “ZIP file URL” on the cybertracker software on the PC?

Thank you!

Hi all,

It is a 2-step procedure. First a random link (no matter which kind of link) needs to be included in the cybertracker “DEF file url” and “ZIP file url”. Then you click “Publish” to generate your DEF and ZIP files. Then you upload both files to your google drive folder. Activate the option to “share with anyone with a link” in google drive. Copy each link and transform it to the format I wrote in my last email. Copy those links to the “DEF file url” and “ZIP file URL”, respectively. Click “Publish”, and update the files in your google drive with those last ones (it is very important to update the current files in the google drive folder instead of creating new ones. And that’s it.


Thank you Nuno! I have followed your instructions and I have solved the problem

Thank you!