Web database collection

Hello. it seems that it is possible to collect cybertracker data from several remote devices over the internet. Anyone know how to go about setting up this system?

“File → Database properties → Transfer” has several possibilities to send collected data to a server. From the server the data can be downloaded later to PC or data can be managed directly in the web. The hosting of the server and functionality from web software is not included in CyberTracker package.

Hint1: In all European countries transfer data over FTP-protocol is not more possibel because of security reason. CyberTracker until 3.520 does not support SFTP (secure FTP) yet. In future there will be more possibilities by using Kobo Toolbox or something else.

Hint2: Please see some documentation here Controls Reference Manual | CyberTracker Wiki or look at the tutorial videos Justin has postet here CyberTracker Classic | CyberTracker Wiki.


  • Holger, Germany