View Data - date range

When I reduce the date range to see only the current sightings and refresh the page, the old date range is shown. Woult it be possible to save the last entry or (if not) would it be possible to choos “today” as standard?

Cheers, Holger (curently in Nepal)

Hi @HolgerR

By default the date range is:
From (today - 30 days)
To (today)
So you effectively see the last 30 days worth of data.

If I understand you correctly, you just want to see From today To today, ie. only today?

You mention that you change the date range and then you “refresh” the page.
Are you refreshing with Ctrl-F5 or the browser refresh?
That will refresh it to the default, which is last 30 days (like you say, it will then show the old date range).

You must press the Search button after you change the date range - DON’T refresh the browser in another way:

I think it could be a good feature for future to have some easy date range options to pick from, for example today, last week, last month, last three months etc. Might get there one day :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Kate

PS enjoy Nepal! And is it not awesome that you can view your sightings from there!

My Refresh was with browser and setting goes to default (today -30day). Yes, I pushed “Search”. And it is also set to default if you go to “Applications” and back to “View data”. It would be nice if the given range can be stored over the session. (And next time open, set to default again.)

I developed a little application to use here in Nepal and it’s nice to see it in the website. Great Job, you and your colleguaes had done! But - unfortunately - not every time and not every place has internet and/or enough bandwidth. But here in our project it is ok, as long as water power station is working or solar batteries are loaded. :wink: But there are lots of areas without phone and intenet network.

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Remember state for whole browsing “session” - understood.