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I’m glad to see that the CyberTracker community has found a new home.

On Android devices with Android 10 we receive the message that the app seems to be created for older versions of Android and that we should check for a newer version. The app version 4.4.1 we use was shipped with CyberTracker 3.476 and seem to be the same as CyberTracker 3.515 brings with it.

Is that correct? Is a newer version of the app available or will be in near future or should the CyberTracker be used that is available in the plays store?

I wish you a nice christmas and all the best for 2021.

Best regards

Michael Reetz

Thanks for your message, Michael. I’m nor sure what your mean with app version 4.4.1? Can you also explain which error message exactly occurs in which moment? “created for older version of Android” is not a common message I guess.

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Best greetings for christmas time and stay healthy :wink:

Hello Holger,

if I look into the app details in the android application manager, a version number 4.4.1 is shown. If you try to install the apk file under android 10, the message is displayed.
I will call you next year since my hollidays start right now.


I believe the message comes from Android. If you are able to move to the new version (on the Android or iOS stores), please do so.



Hi Justin,

I’ve had a closer look on the CyberTracker Connect feature now. It looks good on the first glance. But there are still some questions. Unfortunately, I had no possibility to test it on one of our Samsung Galaxy Xcover device.

  1. If only the CyberTracker Connect feature is intalled on the mobile device, do I have to use web update and web transfer to install the applications on or to download data from the mobile devices or ist ist still possible to do this via the desktop application?

  2. Is it possible to configure update that way that they run only when the devices are connected to WLAN? I’ve found a setting for upload only in WLAN but that’s for data upload to the server, I think.

  3. I taylored the application to fit perfectly for the display resolution of our Samsung Galaxy Xcover devices since scaling does not work very good with the “old” app. Will the CyberTracker Connect feature keep the application design or will elements be resized in some way? I’ve found a setting for text size. But works in fixed 25% steps which might by not sufficient.


Hi Michael,

  1. On Android it still works as before, i.e. you can connect to a desktop installed sequence. iOS requires a web install.
  2. I do not recall the exact behavior right now. I think it should be that update and data upload should share the same setting, i.e. if you disable sending without WiFi, it should also not update without WiFi. If this is not how it works right now, then that’s a bug.
  3. We do not have a good story for explicit layouts. Is it possible to restructure your screens to use the “Dock” property?



Because of layout, can you call me, Michael? 0049-172-3597090 I have some experiences with … May be I can help. :wink:

Liebe Grüße