Using several devices


Since we’re a big team collecting data, we’re using several devices that all have “names” as we do want to know on which device data were collected. Is it possible to automatically get this information from the device? So basically, I would like to have one column in my database that is filling in automatically according to the name of the device used to collect specific data. How can I do that?

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Report->Query-> Edit View->Add->System->Device ID add a unique ID for/from every Device. So you can find out the source of the data.
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Thank you for this useful answer, I can now see a column with deviceID!
However, this is a long serie of numbers/letters and I would like to give it a shorter easier name.
Can we do it on CT or should I do it on the device itself?

We are using some RunboF3-EN rugged phones and unfortunately, I can’t find an easy way to change it directly on the device apart for the bluetooth name, which is not what I want. There is no “Device name” under “Settings” - “About phone”. Any idea how to do it?


some Device (I know from the past) are able to set the name of Device somewhere. But I’m not sure, if it works for Android versions.
Holger, Germany