user field not populating in reports

Hello all,
Returning user here.

Wish: the user field (element) within the report be populated with values from the app “Collect data as:” feature.

I have set my Collect data as to my name, but when editing the report in the query editor, the user field displays no values, regardless of what I set the “Output as” to.

I recognize that we can add a screen or subscreen for “User”, but as I am using CT for road mortality surveys from a moving vehicle, I must strive to reduce the number of screens and ‘clicks’.

Is there another way to have the user field/element autopopulated?

Hi Scott,

If you drop a Username action onto a screen, it will be filled in with the “Collect as” field from the settings page on the device.



Yes, this worked. Thank you Justin.
In short: within desktop app > Applications > Layout Mode > Toolbox > Actions > “Add User Name”. Then, within Reports > Edit View > set User to “Value”.