Upload Failure on CyberTracker Classic

Hi All,

I am using CyberTracker Classic (latest version). I publish the app and get users to scan the QR code. Data is sent via options. In the last week, all users are reporting (on multiple sequences) that data is failing to send - ‘Failed to send’ message. Is there a problem with the server? All was working perfectly until the other day.

Many thanks


Working for me. Perhaps a temporary network outage along the way?

I checked it … and it works (in Germany - don’t know if it is important).

Hint: If one sending got an failure, you have to delete the file in Android/data/org.cybertracker.mobile.ct/files/cybertracker/Outgoing. (The folder in iPhone I don’t know.) Only if the folder is empty, the next test can be successful.

But user don’t want to lose the collected data which cannot be send before. @Justin: any idea to store it without loss?

Note that the failure Holger is mentioning only occurs if you are trying to send to an FTP site which is no longer available. This will never be needed if you stick to the Publish system.

… or if you want to send to an own webpage and the receiver is not available or correct implemented, than “Failed to send” is also shown.

Justin, I’m not sure… if Publish server is temporary not available, what will be happened?

I believe you will also get “Failed to send”.

Hi all,

I am still getting ‘failed to send’. Justin I will send you a bug report – I’d really appreciate it if you could take a look.



Got it, thanks Nic. Turns out you have lots of outgoing FTP files which were failing. Check your email, I attached more details.