Upload data to iNaturalist

Would it be possible to upload data with pictures to iNaturalist with an export option?
(data will need locality (lat, lon, error), date, observer and one or more pictures).

Ideally, to do so in field to obtain an ID of some unknown plant or animal or fungus …

Hi Tony, thanks for posting.

I’m not that familiar with iNaturalist, so if you can help me with your knowledge of that side of things, I can see how Cybertracker Online might integrate.

Export data to iNaturalist

I see iNaturalist has a set of APIs for submission of data, so technically this should be possible from CyberTracker Online. It is a fairly significant piece of work, so may only be undertaken if there was significant user interest (other users please add your voices here!) or otherwise perhaps if a user wanted to pay for it to be developed immediately.

Are you already aware of a way to get data into iNaturalist perhaps via a CSV and folder of images? If you are already able to do this (from the iNaturalist side), then for CyberTracker Online to be able to export the appropriate CSV and folder of images that you can download onto your computer and then get into iNaturalist would be significantly less effort than an API/more automated implementation.

Lookup ID of plant in field

I assume what you have in mind here is to be able to take a picture of a plant (using CyberTracker Mobile) in the field, and submit it to iNaturalist for identification? Does iNaturalist already have this functionality (submit image and it identifies it for you)?

@justinsteventon does the development of CyberTracker Mobile, so any functions that you would want to be able to do on the mobile device itself he would need to comment on.

If it is a case of submitting your data from the mobile back to CyberTracker Online (the web app) and from there submitting an image to iNaturalist for identification then that would be in our domain.

I suspect I have not understood what you mean with this requirement well, please do elaborate.

Kind regards, Kate