Upload data from iPhone to computer

Hi there !

I am new to all this so sorry if I make you repeat, but i’ve been reading a bunch of the conversations that already exist and couldnt find what I was looking for.

I made an app for bird data tracking and installed it successfully on my iPhone.
My problem is accessing the data. When I click on export data, it says it exported it, and then it is listed under exported data. Problem is, I can’t find the data anywhere. Also, when I click on the data that was was previously exported and press on a file to share it, Cybertracker doesn’t respond.
I tried setting up a FTP but there is no data from Cybertracker saved on my iphone. I saw on another conversation that a person really got files coming from their conservation app on the Files app on the iPhone.

I was wondering if im maybe missing a step somewhere.

Thank you for your help and have a great day,
Andra Florea

I am also new to using CyberTracker and having this problem. I am hoping that others with more experience will post a better answer. In the meantime, I think this seems to be an issue when the database is begin tested and revised, which seems to interfere with syncing data from the (android, in my case) tablet to the desktop database. The workaround for me has been to:

a. be sure the version of the database is identical on the tablet and the computer
b. export the downloaded data to a ctx file and then open the saved ctx file… then (for me) the steps to build a query in the desktop CyberTracker work as stated

Scott Creel

Hi folks,

It looks like the Share function is broken on iOS right now. I will prepare a fix.