Update of Google Play Store App and Crash for all projects

Hi Justin,

today the GooglePlayStore shows me an update and I performed. Now I see version 1.0.441.

If I start a installed project, the screen will be black for 3 seconds, after that CyberTracker crashes (is closed) without any other reaction.

Restart the device does not help.

If I install a sample project from the, it works, but not for all of my project I have installed before.


Bug Report Dropbox - BugReport(afterUpdate).zip - Simplify your life

In case of using WebUpdate, the working way is the following:

  • Delete project
  • publish the projects new
  • upload *.zip and *.def to the server
  • install again on smartphone

It is working, but it is not very nice
Good luck

Yup, I see the issue is with 441. I will push out a fix later today.

Build 442 is now active in the Android and iOS stores. Please update to it if you are experiencing this issue.



Thanks Justin, with build 442 the installed projects are starting now. (And WebPublish is working too).