troubleshooting with android installation

Hi there,

I am struggling to install to mobile device:

The message it gives me is:


" Need to install client"
What does this mean?

I installed it on my other android (samsung) phone which worked.

The android I am using is a Huawei Y7…
This phone worked on a previous installation of Cyber Tracker

Please assist!

We need more information about your installations and versions of CyberTracker and Android and about the difference between your devices.
Does it mean that “mobile device” is running under Windows Mobile or CE? If yes, please read here >>>. Handling of new Android phones and Windows devices at the same time is currently a little difficult.

Some installation information and the versions you can find here → or may be you can read some hints in other threads in this Group marked with label “installation” to find more help.

Steps of installation:

Good luck