Transferring offline maps associated with a CyberTracker Classic project

Is there any way that offline maps can be linked to to a project so that when a user installs a roject from the web, they also download layer packages associated with the project for use in mobile?
I noticed the folllowing sentence in the Reference Manual.
“On desktop , a map package can be installed using Install package from the File menu”
However, I cannot see that option in the file menu.
Eren, Sydney, Australia

Hi Eren,

Which user manual did you find that in? CyberTracker does not have this.

In Classic, the maps accompany the apps, so you should be fine there. If you want to use the new mapping system with CyberTracker Online, then we do not have a way to do this yet.


Hello Justin

Here is a screenshot of the reference manual (see text under the heading “Package installation”).



The desktop reference is for the desktop simulator of the mobile app. You can get that here: Download | CyberTracker Wiki

CyberTracker Online should be able to do this in the future though…