Transferring data from PDA to laptop database


Have been using Cybertracker for years and have suddenly encountered difficulty transferring field data on a PDA back to Cybertracker databse on the laptop.

Have installed the sequence normally from Laptop to PDA
Data collection goes normally on the PDA
On re-connecting the pda to laptop and clicking ‘Download data’ awindow flashes up reading e.g.

2 sighing(s), 2 track(s). 0 file(s) downloaded.

The only next option is to close this window. the ’ 0 files downloaded’ part of the message seems to be true, as the new data are not appended in the data base, despite years of using the same sequence successfully.

I have triple checked that the date range search is correct. There is nothing added to the ‘Orphans’ folder. the data are also gone from the PDA.

Can anyone advise what might be happening?




Hi Tim,

Could you please send me a bug report from the device? It is at the bottom of the Settings menu.

You could also check out the logs on your desktop in the Documents\CyberTracker\System\Logs folder.