Training and Technical Support Portal

Hi CyberTracker community,

We’re about to buy the Training and Technical Support Portal but I have few questions for which I can’t find answers:

  • for how long do we keep access to this portal?
  • can the whole team working on the project access it or is it restricted to only one person? in other words, can we have several active accounts or should we have only one for the project?

Many thanks for your help!

Can you please explan, what it is → " Training and Technical Support Portal " Tnx


On the web, its written that there is a special portal developed by NAILSMA to get started with CyberTracker from which you can get step-by-step tutorials (videos & resources to download) as well as support to develop our own application: CyberTracker Training Portal

Since I’m new to it and need to prepare lots of forms to collect data for an 11-years on-going research project, I thought it would be great to get this support!
Do you know if it’s still working?

Many thanks,

Oh I see, but please send you question to them. Here we can not answer. This is a different team I guess.

OK thanks for your reply!
Unfortunately, they’re not answering… so I’ll just try myself and ask my questions here :wink: