Tracks: how not to record automatically?

Hi all,
I use applications in particular to record naturalist observations in the field. For this I therefore need the GPS to be reactive to save time. My problem is that I can’t configure CyberTracker not to record the tracks (I only want the sightings). The automatic recording of tracks very quickly weighs down the database (waypoints table 2). Can you tell me where and how to configure Cybertracker not to record tracks but only record sightings?
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Some ideas:

  1. If you set the track to take a point every 59 seconds, then the GPS will stay on and hopefully you will not get too much data.
  2. Put a “Snap GPS Position” on the screen and make sure the “Auto connect” option is checked. Then when you press “Next” on that screen, it will snap the position instantly.


Hi Justin,
I will try this method.
Thank you for the clarification.