Track timer not working on app

Good afternoon
I created a CT online app, including ticking the timer track and acquire GPS boxes but when I send the app to my phone there are no tracks being recorded. Two other users who have accessed the same app are experiencing the same issue. Observations with GPS points are being recorded and can be viewed on the map.

We all enabled GPS access all the time for CT.

Please can someone advise on how to fix this?

Many thanks

We have the same problem. It records tracks well in the beginning but the just stops. I suspect it has something to do with data capacity as it stops on long trips. I set the phone have the app work all the time but once the tracking icon on the top right corner has a strike through, there is now way to get it to start tracking again.


Could you send me a download of the application from CT Online or a debug report from the mobile app?
Does it not track all the time or just this particular application?


Dear Andrew,

Thank for the response.

I haven’t tried to use the timer track on other applications.

Please see attached the QR code for the app.

All the best

Thank you.
I have passed onto @justinsteventon to take a look from the mobile app site.
Please can you just make sure you have the latest version of the mobile app.

This issue should now be fixed with the latest update on build numbers greater than 500. Try and update via the App/Play stores and you should be good.