System/Backup folder purpose?

Cybertracker 3.521, Windows 10

My issue - sometimes animals were removed from the app. This caused the BandNum field to be set to missing for all records associated with it. Same if an Employee was removed This seems to be a bug to me, but I’ve been told Cybertracker was designed that way on purpose. I need to recover the lost data and enter it into the master dataset (which is not in Cybertracker) - seems like it should be in the backup files.

I have created a copy of the database containing 0 records and imported these backup files into it. However, the data points are still missing. How do I recover this data? Are the backup CTX files viewable in any other way? Give the number of files, writing a parser seems to be the best option.

Hi Jon,

Could you send me one of your backup CTX files? Normally these contain the definitions of the Element names, but this is not always the case.




Thanks for the assist. When I import the 5 attached files, I get 33 records. 7 of those have empty cells for band and frequency. Overall, I think we have well n excess of 1000 records spanning multiple years with this problem.

Telemetry_2022_C_32F79294_6602D11C773A458495466AA09C6F52AA.CTX (5.25 KB)

Telemetry_2022_C_32F79294_63B4F5B191CE49A6BA13D3EFFE8FA7D2.CTX (5.19 KB)

Telemetry_2022_C_32F79294_886F40B053D744028E46D497B6F55D0B.CTX (7.36 KB)

Telemetry_2022_C_32F79294_273E9C6F328B4FDE8C589BD5E933D01E.CTX (5.24 KB)

Telemetry_2022_C_32F79294_CFB352DD129A42E8AB0FD746317F8D8D.CTX (4.96 KB)

Telemetry_2022_C_32F79294_05AF4968DA584EB0B5F1D8F4FBA1309E.CTX (7.6 KB)