Steps for installing cybertraker in PC

Hello dear
I’m writing to you about installing the cybertracker application on my computer.
I can’t install the APK.
Please help me.

apk? This is a file for installation on ANDROID I think. If you want to install on PC, please download from here: Download | CyberTracker Wiki
Good luck

hello sir
I have downloaded but the installation is not working.
It says: Invalid dirve: F:\

Can you try it with admin rights or on other computer. (On all of my windows PCs it is working fine.)

Hi @Oryx
Would you like to think about using CyberTracker Online? Then you don’t have to worry about installation.
You can register here:
Kind regards, Kate

Dear Sir
Thank you for the orientation. It was my computer that was having problems.
I would like to know how to download gps tracks and cybertacker photos to the computer?

Hello Oryx, You’re asking for Classic or Online?

Hello, this is for classic

Goto “Reports” and you see a Query, and a table. Be aware of data range in the query. Now in inspector windows you’ll see your collected data inclusive the photos. If the table do not show all data or photo column is missing, add coolums by drag and drop or use “Edit View” and add colums. If all the data are in the table, use “Export view” into CSV Format. Then CT creates a folder called “ExportMedia”. Here are the photos. Change View to Map View and lokk if all gps tracks are seen. Then use “Export View” and use “Esri shape file (integrated tracks)”. You’ll find 3 files and *.dbf contains tracks.