Split Published Applications

Hi All. I have an application that I use for many different projects. Essentially I edit a base application and use it in one area, then edit it again for a different area. I use the Publish feature and users send their data remotely. However, I notice that using ‘Save as’ does not create an entirely new published version (even though the QR code is new). This leads to users in different sites feeding into each other’s databases. How can I prevent this? Many thanks. Nic

Hi Nic

Could you mention whether you are using CyberTracker Classic or Online?

I’m guessing Classic, since Online does not have a 'Save as" function?


Kind regards, Kate

Hi Kate,
I’m using Classic.
Many thanks for any assistance

Thanks Nic. I can’t help you with that I’m afraid, but I’m sure one of the Classic guys will. Have just moved this topic to the Classic category for you.
Kind regards, Kate

Hi Nic,

There is a “Reset” button on the bottom of the Publish page. So the process should be:

  1. Save As to new database
  2. Go to Publish dialog and click “Reset”
  3. Click Publish

Now the new database will have a different QR code and data queue.


Thanks Justin – I hadn’t seen the Reset button. Much appreciated.