Some data does not download from my phone

Sometimes, when we collect data without internet (in the field), that data is not downloaded from our phone, but we can see the photos that were taken for that data on my phone, in the folder: Android\data\org.cybertracker .mobile.ct\files\cybertracker\Media.
I would like to be able to recover that data. Any suggestions?

You can recover the data by connecting to a PC and following the download instructions if you do not have internet.

Thanks Justin.
I have a database connected to FTP and it is working well. I have always downloaded the data without problems, but I have two records taken from my phone that were never transferred; I even tried to do it by connecting the phone to the PC, and I can’t either. The same happens with another user’s phone. Those two records were taken in areas with no signal (no internet access) and I suspect that the records the other user took also did not have internet access. Then, when we try to send the data, it does not transfer to the database, but we can see that the photos are still saved on the phones.

If you send me a bug report, I will check it out…