Simplifying sharing

Hi guys,

The latest version (on Play Store, not on iOS yet) contains a few features to simplify sharing projects and data. There is no documentation yet because we are still figuring out how to make it work across all providers (like KoBo, ODK, ESRI, etc). The scenarios are:

Scenario: Sharing projects between users:

  1. Long press on a project, tap “Send package” and send it to another user (over email, etc)
  2. User who receives the file chooses to open it with CyberTracker
  3. CyberTracker installs the project: no need to connect to a desktop computer via USB

Scenario: Share web update projects with a link or QR code:

  1. Long Press on the project and tap “QR code”
  2. Option at the bottom to share the link (over email, etc)
  3. Option to share the QR code
  4. Users can scan the QR code directly with their phone and it will automatically download and install it on their device

Scenario: Retrieve data when no transfer protocol is configured

  1. From the Options page inside the project, there is a new tab called “Export data”
  2. “Export data” makes a CTX – it will be downloaded by CyberTracker desktop if the user connects to a PC
  3. Exported data can be shared (over email, etc)

I made a short video to show it in action:



Vraiment merci à toute l’équipe pour cette merveilleuse mise à jour !
C’est une grosse bouffée d’air frais que ça nous apporte !
c’était vraiment difficile de pouvoir regrouper les données surtout quand nous avons plusieurs équipes travaillant sur plusieurs sites différents
Cette mise à jour viens changer la donne !
Gracias !!!

Great ideas, Justin. Szenario 3 (" Retrieve data when no transfer protocol is configured " ) is not working in one of my application. The project crashes. I guess the reason is, that the Transfer → protocol stands on "FTP (CTX). I think you mean that this feature will be available if Transfer->Protocol = “File Share (CTX)” or “Backup (CTX)” and not one of the other variants. Is this correct?


PS: Waiting on connection to something like KoBo :wink:

Hi Holger,

We have had another report of a crash, but I was not able to reproduce this on my side. Could you please send me a bug report from the device? It is at the bottom of the Settings page.

The way I have it now, it activates if the “Url” is empty, regardless of what the protocol is selected as.



Justin, see my email with link in DropBox. Unfortunately I have installed 7 projects on my Smartphone, the crash project has the name “Faehrten K2.0.0”.
Cheers Holger

Thank you, Holger. I have fixed the issue and pushed out build 409. It should be live in a few hours.




In my case, the “Export data” option or tab does not appear enabled, I have not been able to share the registered data. How can I do so that this option is enabled or share the CTX files in another way.

Thank you for your attention and I remain attentive

Could you please send me a bug report from the device? Off the Settings menu. Then I will take a look.

After Update Crash is gone, function is working. Thanks Justin for fast correction :wink:
Cheers Holger