simple way of saving tracking data

Hello to all,
I just joined the group because I intend to use Cybertracker as a tool to record movement of small scale fishing vessels here in the Philippines.

I would like to ask if Is there a way to save track data of fishing vessel movement. From the introductory reading, it was mentioned that the movement of a user can be displayed on a map. What I want is a way to just save the data behind the scenes (I want to do away with using a map) so that the user is allowed to do other things. What I was thinking is a user will press a button to start tracking using a set interval. The application will then start saving position and time data until the user presses a stop recording button. With tracking behind the scene, user can mark waypoints or get pictures.


Raffy Martinez
GIS and Database Specialist,

Hi Raffy,

Yes, CyberTracker does have this feature.

Check out the Biodiversity sample and let us know if you have trouble.