Setting up wildlife crime tracker


I’m setting up a wildlife crime tracker to replace our paper-based system for better efficiency and accuracy. I managed to set up the screens and they ask what I need and follow each other well. But I don’t understand the ‘Result Element’ part, and I can see on my reports that I have 10 repeated rows of information for every one time I input data. Which I think is because I don’t really understand how the elements work and just named the elements after each screen title. Example 2.png

Example 1.png

Hi Steph,

I normally use Result Element as a variable where you store the current value of a sighting in a concrete screen. I like to use the name of the screen in caps and the name of the result element in lower case. Later when I display the sightings in the query editor I have always my result element on top of each columns and allows me to filter for a concrete value or element for example. If you don’t use it you may have in the header of the columns values of different elements…

Hope it helps!.

Example 2.png

Example 1.png

So if I leave the Result Element as blank, when I fill out the information it comes up with text not being filled and there’s a little yellow warning triangle next to ‘result element’. Do I need to fill out the result element to avoid this error message?

Never mind! Fixed my issue, got the save button mixed up with the next button so I was saving every screen instead of just putting next!

Text control needs result element, you have right.
Cheers Holger