Session timer functionality

Would love to have the option for an Online application to record time/duration of an event, e.g. fishing session length. Having a screen with the option to start a session timer (providing a start time column) and an end session timer (providing an end time column) with rows of observations of catch data where they are attributed start and end times in relation to their session. Keeping track of the number of sessions in a number column, e.g. session 1, session 2 and so forth :slight_smile:

This is a fairly specialized requirement, but we could handle it by doing something custom within KoBo/ODK/Survey123. Do you use any of those platforms?

Hi Justin,

I don’t use them but could explore.
What about having a screen that can take a timestamp at the beginning and then a screen that can take a timestamp at the end of a session? I can then calculate session duration outside of CT in R. I’ve used a similar layout on a CT Classic app created by someone else with the Snap Date and Time element. They had a screen with a MyGlobal+1 formula that created a column with a session number, sequentially counting sessions.

Shoot me a message if you would like to explore using KoBo to do this with CyberTracker.

ok cheers Justin. Just went back to CT Classic for the moment, may jump back on the weekend and explore KoBo.

Hi there! I like the idea! I was thinking something similar, such as first recording specific information we need about our focal individual and then choosing exactly when to start and end the focal time. If we don’t keep an eye on the clock, it’s easy to spend longer than necessary doing the focal. So, for instance, if we could set up the focal to last 15 minutes, having a clock automatically end the focal may be a great feature to implement.