Seen and extracting the images from the database

This might be a stupid question, but I haven´t been able to figuret it out my self so here we go: I am preparing the reports using CyberTracker, in the tables when I include the record for the images it only apers a 1 if it has an image or blanck if it dosent. How can I see and extract the images from the database for further analysis outside Cybertracker?

Thanks for your help

Diego JS

Diego Juárez-Sánchez, MS.

Ph.D. Student & Project Manager

Dr. Romagosa´s Lab.

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

University of Florida

Reports. In inspector the photo should be seen. Right? Your query table view should have column with photo. Than export view and you will find it inside folder “CyberTracker/ExportMedia” on you PC.