SD Card Backup Files

Hi there,

I am have 2 tablets (Samsung Tab2 and Samsung Active Tab3) that I am using to collect data in the field and then download via USB. Both tablets have SD cards so I wanted to create backups in the event of a data transfer failure. (I also just updated everything to the most recent versions and so far everything seems to be working fine)

I have selected “Use SD card for data backup” in the application which gave me .DAT, .TXT, and .XML files in the cybertrackerdata folder on the SD Card.

So then in the database properties I selected “Backup(CTX)” as the upload/download protocol and download protocol. However, after reinstalling the project on the tablets, generating more sightings, and downloading those sightings, I still don’t have a CTX backup file anywhere.

Is it possible to recover any data from the .DAT, .TXT, and . XML files on the SD cards if needed and if so how? And/or how do I actually create a CTX backup file?

Not an emergency, I’m just trying to be proactive.



Hi Sharna,

The SD card backup feature is robust because all data is immediately mirrored to the SD card. On the downside, you do not have files you can open easily.

If you do need to recover them, you can copy them to the “/cybertracker” folder and have the desktop retrieve and convert them to CTX. With the new version (3.520), this will be at “/Android/data/”.

I forget the exact rules for “Backup CTX”, but this was originally a feature designed for Windows Mobile devices on a corporate network. It may not be what you need.