Scaling of text and elements

Dear all,

I’m preparing our application for use with the playstore app of CyberTracker. For optimal usability I created an entry for our Galaxy XCover 4 in the device list with the screen sizes tool and adjusted element hight and text size till I reached the desired result. This works fine with the apk version of the app but not with the the play store version. For testing I’ve installed both versions on the smartphone and copy the files created by the desktop application from the “apk directory” to the new “play store directory”.

The results with the play store version are a little bit disappointing since text sizing and scaling are ignored whereas they are implemented by the the apk version correctly.

Is this a general change with the play store version or will it work as usual with version 3.520 of the desktop applcation?

I’ve added two screenshots for demonstration of the differences.




Micha … please look here in this thread " Build 3.520 now available ", 1st post from Justin. May be there are some dependencies.

Hello Holger,
there is nothing said about my issue in this thread. I’ve already ordered the upgrade on 3.520 at our software departement. But it will take some time to have it installed.


Dear all,
I’ve tested my sequence with desktop version 3.520 now. Still the scaling of text end elements does not work. I use the following parameters for the screen size:

{20029598-37FC-48F5-81A0-3E4862FA2C21} Galaxy Xcover 4 720 1230 294 300 250

This works fine with the apk-Version of the app but still not with the play store version. It seems as if the play store version totally ignores the defined screen size and/or font and element sizes.
I urgently need help on this problem since we soon have to switch to desktop version 3.520 and the play store version of the app on all our devices. Additionally, the apk-version can’t be installed on the current Android Enterprise version that we will have to use soon anymore.

Again two screen shots for demonstration of the differences.




Hello again,

after some additional testing I’ve found out, that with appropriate changes of text and element sizes the old design can be almost reached, not exactly but sufficiently.
But it is not possible to use the same sequence with the apk version of the app and the play store version.
If I’m wrong, please let me know.


Micha, can you explain the “appropriate changes” a little more, because the community need all hint … :wink: Thanks, Holger

Hello Holger and all,

with the help of Justin (thanks again) I’ve adjusted our application for the use with the new app version.

Justin suggested the following steps for my application:

  1. For the title Panel, check the “Auto height” property
  2. Set Dock=Bottom for the Navigator control
  3. Set Dock=Fill for the Element List control
  4. For screens where there is a list and an image below it, and the list is shorter, then check the “Auto height” property and set the Image to Dock=Fill

Auto-sizing does not work for number lists, although I suppose we could convert them to Element Lists. Similarly, it does not work for Notebook controls, so for lists inside Notebook tabs, you must use Dock=Fill.

Additionally to these step, I had to adjust the text size and the hight of some controls. Since the defined screen size was not or not correctly interpreted by the app, I changed the scaling factors for the used screen size until I nearly had a “what you see is what you get” with “Test run” in the desktop application. Unfortunately, it is not “wysiwyg” in layout mode.