Retrieving data from SD card backup

Hi Justin,

I’m using cybertracker Build 3.514. I have three tablets (Samsung Active Tab2) that I am using to collect data in the field and then download via USB. All tablets have SD cards and I have selected “Use SD card for data backup” in the application to create backups in the event of a data transfer failure.

After collecting data, I go to the SD card cybertrackerdata folder: /Android/data/ and I have three files .TXT, .WAY, and .XML , are these supposed to be the backup files or am I looking in the wrong place? If these are the backup files, how do I recover any data from the .TXT, .WAY, and . XML files on the SD cards if needed? And/or how do I actually create a CTX backup file?

Many thanks for your help.
All the best,