Report / Element List checked


This summer I noticed a change in the behavior of the report for displaying element list data (List mode: Multi select). Before, in the report, for each element of the list that I put in a column, I could display the value (output as) which was translated by a tick (noted “True” in the export). Now nothing is displayed in these columns despite selecting items from the list. Has there been a change in the development of the list of elements (List mode: Multi select) of the application? Is there a solution to solve this problem and to be able to have the elements in column with a checkmark again when they are selected in the Element list panel?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, the developer changed the behavior in version 3.522 (see
I find, for later processing it is a better solution to handle multi selections. Unfortunately this is not really compatible to the former versions. Until now I did not find any solution to see it in reports like before. I changed all my table views after installing 3.522.

Holger, Germany

If you clear the Result Element then it will work as it did before. The Result Element previously only made sense for a Radio list, but we just extended its usage to the Check list.


Thank you very much for your both feedbacks. By deleting the “Result element”, the display of the Report by Check list works again, it’s ok for me. However I have to point out that I had already been using a double display of “Element List” data in “Multi select” for several years in the Report in order to have both this “one column per element” display and that “all the elements in the same column”, having correctly filled in the Result element for the list. You seem to say that this was not possible before the 3.522 update (I am using version 3.520 by the way).

Thanks again for your helpful response!