Remote synchronization over database server

Good day,

I am having difficulty getting our devices to upload data wirelessly. On CyberTracker’s website it says that this does not have to be done over an FTP site if all of the devices are on the same wireless network.

So we have created a folder on the server to which the computer is linked. The CT database file is located in this folder on the server and in the Database properties, under Transfer the Protocol is set to: File share (CTX). The URL is the link to the folder on the server and Username and Password filled in.

When recording sightings and then selecting ‘Send Data’, the sightings are removed from the ‘All Sightings’ list but it does not send it to the folder. After connecting the device with a cable and installing the application to the device once again (after trying something different with the settings), the sightings then sync to the mentioned folder.

Please advise if I am doing it completely wrong or what the issue may be.

This will be much appreciated.

Hi Jandré,

The documentation is quite old at this point. This only works if your devices are running Windows.

Otherwise, the system is performing as designed – if the transfer fails, the desktop will pull off the data at next sync.

We have not received much interest in this feature over the years, but it certainly could help with making syncing simpler.

This is of course fixable. Can you give me a sense of the scale of your operation and if there is any problem with using FTP?