Recovery of Cybertracker Project

Hi there,

I have a question re Cybertracker using SMART for the installation on the hand held device.

At the moment we transfer the project we have set up on one computer (it is a cybertracker project, with the full menu that you can choose what you see, etc) to the hand held device using the SMART desktop application. However that computer has broken down… And we still need to install the project on other devices for remaining rangers.

Is there a way to recover the SMART/cybertracker project even though the only copy we have was on that laptop? Like sending the whole project from the hand held device into another computer? If there is a way to recover a project, please can you let me know!

Thanks a lot!

Recovering from Handheld tp PC ist not possible, because in handheld you have only the “compiled” software coming from project on PC. It is recommended to store and backup your CyberTracker projects always to external storage./ cloud …
Copy of projects from one storage to another is possible.

Holger, Germany