Recovering a project inadvertently deleted from a desktop but installed on a phone

Hi there
I just installed a new project on my phone using Webinstall and then inadvertently wrote over the mdb file on my desktop, effectively deleting it. On my phone the application is working perfectly and in the Cybertracker folder, I can see the .cts, .sta, .dat and .txt files for this project. Is there any way I can recreate the .mdb file on my desktop from these files?

Eren Turak , Sydney, Australia

Hi Eren,

There is no way to re-create the application.

However, if you create a sighting and download it, there will be a CTX file in your Documents\CyberTracker\System\Orphan folder. If you open this, you will get the data + the Elements (without icons). Perhaps that will give you a head start in re-constructing your database.