Recover lost data

Hi, we had a strange occurrence yesterday. A user had recorded a couple of sightings but when he went to upload to our FTP Server he did not get the black arrow in the Send Data screen, just the white arrow and No Data message.
He could see the two sightings in the “All Sightings” list (but now can only see one) but can not edit them. He can also see the photos for those sightings in the Media folder on the phone, and there are a few files in the main Cybertracker folder with yesterday’s date, but nothing in the Outgoing folder.
Is there a way we can try and recover the data for the sightings, maybe using the files in the Cybertracker folder?

  1. Look at Android phone in the folder “Android/data/com.cybertracker.client/files/cybertrackerdata” on SD-Card. There should stand some ctx-Files.

  2. Make USB-Connection between phone and PC.

  3. Copy the ctx-Files to PC.

  4. In CyberTracker on your PC open database and import data with “File/Import data”.

Good luck


Thanks so much Holger, that worked.

Other people have mentioned that it would be good to have an area on the wiki for users to find solutions to some issues rather than post in this support group. You and Justin have been very helpful in answering these issues, but it would save some of your time, and faster resolution for users if there was a knowledgebase or they were added to the FAQs, e.g. like the one I raised above, send data failing if there are files in the Outgoing folder, etc.

I have several questions like these, what is the best way to request these to be added to the wiki?

good idea, but for the moment … we have this board :slight_smile: