I’m looking at a new dataset that was set up by a member of our lab who has since left. It appears she didn’t categorize anything except for the date and the time so all the data is showing up as uncategorized and won’t show up in the data table of the query. Is there any way to re-categorize or rework the way the data is organized? Sorry, I’m still familiarizing myself with the software so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Justine,

The Elements are automatically categorized according to the screen that they belong to. If you have uncategorized Elements, then they may be unused. Be careful about deleting them, because it could be that some data is still using them.

To answer your question, there is no way to back-fill deleted categories.

Feel free to send me a CTX and I can see if there is anything that we can do easily…



Hi Justin,

Thanks so much for the quick response! I just sent you an email with the CTX file.

Best wishes,