Projects dosn't open on devices

Hi all. I am trying to open projects on Android devices, but it starts opening with a black screen, and then closes the app completely. Anyone experienced similar?

How does the project was installing on the smartphone? WebPublish or Webinstall or over USB?
Can you share in DropBox or similar?

Cheers, Holger, Germany

Project was installed via USB

Which versions do you use? App version vom PlayStore, CT-Version, Windows version? But I guess that is a problem from project. If you like, please share the ctx or mdb and I will look into.

App version 1.0.439 , CT-Version cannot remember which version was used for USB install. But possibly 3.5 or newer. Windows 10.

Please send details of where to share the ctx file?

Can you use some DropBox or GoogleDrive or something else for transfer?

Thanks Holger. Seems like it is universal across all our devices. But I am reinstalling them one by one and it seems to solve the issue.