Project recovery


My laptop was stolen with all my projects in it. I was wondering if is possible to restore my projects from the server.

Thanks and cheers,

Hi Marta, so sorry to hear that.

I have just made your topic public so that others can see it. I believe that @justinsteventon or @HolgerR would be the best people to respond to you.

I assume you were using CyberTracker Classic (CyberTracker was installed on your laptop, that is where you created your projects), correct? And were you viewing your data also in CyberTracker Classic or in another backend (Earthranger, SMART etc) - which server are you thinking of?

Kind regards, Kate

Oh I’m sorry Marta.

I have no idea for recovering from server, but I can resend the project you have sent to me for checking. Is it necessary and the right one?

Cheers Holger


That would be great!! Please send it to me.

I want to know if it’s possible to recover the reports that the users sent.


My email


I hope you got a Link to the file, right?

Reports: Did you download the data from server yet? Than they will not more available. And unfortunately if you use your old project from my Dropbox and publish again, you will have different login and cannot find the old data. The only possibility is to look into the devices. May be there are some sightings on the devices, but it depends on the settings I guess. If the sightings are sent already and the database properties->transfer-> “Clear data after send” is checked, the data in device are also deleted.

Hint: It is always recommended to save the complete folder C:/users/ y o u r n a m e/documents/cybertracker to some stick or external drive after changes.

I didn,t download the data from the server. I will try to download the data.

I will save the complete folder as you recomend.