Project list

In the CyberTracker app downloaded from Google Play store, the Projects screen displays a list of projects. For each project there is a second line just below the project name with what appears to be the location of the database MDB file used to publish the project (which is a temporary MDB file when I publish from a CTX file). .

Is it possible for me to change what is displayed on the second line to something more meaningful to the end users, e.g. using the Tag field?

Hi Ross,

We do not have a way to do this today. The Classic version is largely frozen, so this will be tricky to add.

We could do something hacky and say that if you specify the title as “title”_”description”, then we will present that as separate lines on the client. Would that work for you?


Hi Justin,
I would rather avoid a hacky solution if possible. If there is no alternative then maybe we go with that, but I will need to discuss with colleagues first though. However I am not familiar with the terminology - by Classic version do you mean the app named “CyberTracker” in Google Play, as opposed to “SMART Collect”, or is it something else?