Probleme installation des séquences sur smartphone/Problem with installing sequences on smartphone

Bonsoir a tous.

je suis un utilisateur tres fréquent de Cybertracker. aujourdhui j’ai énormement de problème avec l’application. depuis la mise a jour 3.516, je n’arrive plus à installer les séquences sur les smartphone. lors du processus d’instalation tout à l’air de bien se dérouler mais je ne vois pas l’application sur mes smartphones. J’ai tout éssayer mais rien de bon depuis lors. En deux semaines il y a eu tellement de mise a jour de cybertracker que je me demande si ça n’a pas apporter plus de mal que de bien a ce software. Est ce que quelqu’un peut m’aider à trouver une solution svp? Merci

Goodnight all.
I am a very frequent user of Cybertracker. Today I have a huge problem with the application. since update 3.516, I can no longer install the sequences on smartphones. during the installation process everything seems to go well but I do not see the application on my smartphones. I tried everything but nothing good since then. In two weeks there have been so many cybertracker updates that I wonder if it did not do more harm than good to this software. Can someone help me find a solution please?
Thank you.

Could you please try updating the desktop to 3.520? There was an unavoidable breaking change recently…

One other thing, since 3.516, you need to get CyberTracker from the Play Store. It is no longer shipped alongside CyberTracker Desktop. You can however, find a link to it here:


Merci à tous pour vos apports.

j’ignorais qu’il fallait également faire une MAJ de l’application smartphone. Pour l’instant ça marche.

Merci à tous

Dear Justin,

Although I downloaded the latest Desktop application on my computer (3.520 - see AppInfo_Desktop) & I installed CyberTracker from the Play Store on my Android device (V.1.0.392 - RunboF3-EN phone using Android 8.1.0 (see AppInfo_Device) → i can see the Cybertracker folder under the File Manager - Android - Data - - files (See AppFolder_Device)), I can’t make it work.

When I tried to sync them to install a new project on my device (by opening CT on my device, tap connect CT, desktop install then connecting my device to my computer via USB and enabling the file transfer mode, and opening CT on my desktop and clicking on Install to Mobile Device), I get the following error message that ask me to Install CyberTracker from the Play Store (See Need to install client), which I did.

Can you please help to fix this issue?
What does “Need to Install Client” mean?

Many thanks!

Need to install client.JPG





I have similar problems with the CyberTracker app from the Playstore. With Android 9 on a Galaxy XCover 4 and desktop version 3.517 the sequence is correctly installed on the smartphone. A cybertracker folder is created with the subfolders Media, Outgoing, and Temp. The folder contains three files for my sequence: Ranger#App#CT3#…CTS, Ranger#App#CT3#…EDB, Ranger#App#CT3#…TXT. When I try to connect to a CyberTracker Desktop Installation with the app, nothing happens. It looks as if the app doesn’t find the necessary files.

On a Galaxy S4 with Android 5.1 it works if some steps are followed:

  • First I have to unstall the “old” app (from apk).
  • Then I have to delete the cybertracker folder.
  • After rebooting the smartphone the new app has to be installed from the Playstore and opened.
  • Then I have to try to connect to a CyberTracker Desktop Installation (although nothing is installed at this time).
  • Next step is to install the application to the mobile device. The app is detected and the sequence installed.
  • Now the app can connect to the CyberTracker Desktop Installation.

It only works if I follow these steps. Otherwise the message “Need to Install Client” appears. Unfortunately, this workaround doesn’t work with Android 9.

Any idea?


Hi Justin and all,

I just found the thread about the new location for CyberTracker files on the mobile device. I moved the files there and the sequence is loaded in the app. My workaround with the S4 is working only with an older version of the app.
Unfortunately, I have to ask our software department for packetizing and distributing the latest version of the desktop application via SCCM which will take up to two month again.


Hi Michael,

I think the right answer for you is to continue using the old version of CyberTracker until the SCCM update comes through and manually install the APK ( - the second link under the “Legacy downloads” section. Then, when you get the update, you can revert to the store version.


Hi Justin,

thank you. I will tell our software department that they have to keep on providing the apk installation via the mobile device management.