Problem with the "sound note"

Hello Justin!

When I download the data to my computer, I cannot hear the sound. Before it worked fine but now it does work. It not appear like as “sound” in inspector and when I export it it gives me an error.

“FX3 File Save Error
Failed to save media file for sighting (…). See cells with “fail” to identify bad date”.
It is a problem in the sound data. Do you know how to FIX it?

Can you please tell (always) version of CyberTracker? (before and after the problem occurs) Thnx, Holger

Before an after the version Cybertracker is V3.515

oh sorry, it will be hard to find a reason … but what you mean with “Before it worked fine but now it does work.” What is “Before” and what is “now”? :wink:

sorry, I want to say “now I doesn´t work fine”.

“Before” is two week ago.
“Now” is today.


And what is the difference between “now” and “before”. What did you change? Which component is not more the same? What was happened between now and two weeks ago?

I was working in it and I did not anything special, but now I can only download sound notes from the server (Url). Besides the data can only be download in my computer by cable.