Problem with data display

Hello to all

I downloaded the data to the computer and I can’t find the data saved on the sequence in the Query editor, although I have chosen the dates for the data collection in the date range.
I would like to have your help.

Thanks in advance

Razack, Niger

Hello Abdoul Razack ,
1st: check that your device is empty and data a really downloaded (on Device: Options = round button → “All Sightings” should be empty ).
2nd: check the system folder (C:\Users.…\Documents\CyberTracker\System) and there especially “orphans” if there is a ctx-file from the fitting date.
3rd: import the ctx-file into your project (File-> Import Data)

If successfully, check that version of CyberTracker and name of your application is same in PC and on your device.

Good luck
Holger, Germany