Problem importing data: "Cabinet file is corrupt [0x0004]"

I just received data transfered vii ftp prorotocol from a team recording a threned species in a remote location. I go the following error when I trie to import it

CT11 Error importing database files
Cabinet file is corrupt [0x0004]

It this is really important data so I would really like to recover it. I have had this problem once before (I thin 3 years ago( and the the data was recovered somehow but unfortunatley I have no record of how this was done (I think I had to send it to Justin). The likely cause is that the user tried to send the data when the mobile reception was poor.

Hi Eren,

Poor data connections should not cause corruption. We have seen some instances of corruption in very large files with many images.

I will work with you offline to attempt recovery.


Thank you Justin I really appreciate your help